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    Product code: TADCO


    A unique blend of oils and waxes which is safe and green. Adco Saw Lubricant is a proven wax based product designed for the lubrication of saw blades & drill bits when cutting or drilling hard woods or soft metals such as aluminium. Keep blades and drill bits cleaner and cooler extending the life of your tools. 



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    • McGill Abrasive Restorer

    Product code: TMCG

    Description: Indiviudal Block, The ideal cleaner and load reducer of all abrasive surfaces as recommended by world's leading abrasive manufacturers. Simply apply Abrasive Restorer to sanding discs or belts before resins, glues, fillers and grinding dusts are burnt into the abrasive surface. Consistent and regular use of the restorer will prolong the life of a belt or disc, while maintaining highest efficency. 


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