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Our extensive range of tooling products include saw blades, cutters, knives and dust extraction tools for metal, wood, aluminium and composite industries. We also sell a range of CNC tooling products including routing, nesting & dust-free nesting, drills and accessories.

The brands we offer are Cruing, Fapil, FS Tool Corp, GDA, Guhdo, Kufo, Linbide, Tigra and Wemaro, which are sourced products are sourced from Europe, Canada, Taiwan and New Zealand. A select number of our tooling and CNC tooling products are available to purchase through our online shop .

BSS stocks an extensive range of the following tooling products, as listed below. Our tooling specialist, Lindsey Wootton will be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to application, price and availability. Send him an email or give him a call 07 3266 8611.

Saw Blades

  • Standard Rip Saw Blades
  • Piano Plus Saw Blades
  • Steel Cutting Hollow Face Saw Blades
  • Enduro Multi-Purpose Saw Blades
  • Classic Panel Saw Blades
  • Duett Sets
  • Panel Saw Blades – Piano Plus
  • Hollow Face Saw Blades – Piano Plus
  • Hi-Cut Saw Blades – Piano Plus
  • Ritz Fix System
  • Split Scribe Saw Blades
  • Solid Scribe Saw Blades
  • Beam Saw Blades – Triple Chip
  • Beam Saw Blades ATB
  • Aluminium Saw Blades Ne-Pro Negative
  • TCT Grooving Saw Blades
  • Edger Bander Saw Blades


  • Grooving Saw Cutters
  • Profile Cutter Heads
  • Rebating
  • Adjustable Bevel Cutter Heads
  • Glue Joint Cutter Heads
  • Raised Panel Cutter heads
  • Knives

    • Turnover & Reversible Knives
    • Radius & Profile Insert Knives
    • Knife Steel
    • Planer Knives
    • Serrated Back Knives

Dust Extraction

  • Aereotech

CNC Tooling


  • Router Bits TCT
  • Straight Routers/ Insert Knife
  • Router Cutters
  • Profiled Insert Knife
  • Route Cutters for Windows
    and Doors
  • Router Cutters for Stairs
    and Solid Wood


  • Spiral Cutters
  • Finishing
  • Roughing
  • Compression
  • Special

Dust-Free Nesting

  • Aereotech
  • Traditional
  • Universal
  • Hydro


  • Dowel Drills
  • Through Hole Drills
  • Hinge Boring Drills
  • Planer Knives
  • Solid Wood Drills

Chucks & Accessories

  • Collets
  • Chucks Adapters

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